We are excited to share a sneak preview of the amazing speakers for TEDxConstitutionDrive 2013!


Isa and Ana Portraits

Isa and Ana Stenzel

cystic fibrosis / lung transplant survivors
“The Power of Two”
Isabel and Anabel Stenzel are 41 year old identical twins who reside separately in Redwood City, California. They both graduated from Stanford University with degrees in Human Biology in 1994. Anabel (“Ana”) completed a Master’s of Science degree in Genetic Counseling at the University of California, Berkeley, in 1997. Isabel (“Isa”) completed Master’s degrees in Social Work and Public Health from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1999. Anabel is a genetic counselor at Stanford University Medical Center and Isabel works at Sutter Care at Home as a bereavement social worker. Isa and Ana are sought-after public speakers. With their memoir (The Power of Two, University of Missouri Press, 2007) and award-winning documentary film in which they are the primary subjects (The Power Of Two, Directed by Academy Award nominated Marc Smolowitz), Isa and Ana focus their health-related advocacy work on the cystic fibrosis and organ transplant community. They have lectured throughout their mother’s country, Japan, about organ donation and patient advocacy. Isa and Ana are also active Ambassadors for the California Transplant Donor Network, which helps raise awareness about the critical need for organ donation. Anabel currently serves on the Board of Directors of Cystic Fibrosis Research Inc. Isabel currently serves on the Ethics Committee for the United Network of Organ Sharing. In their spare time, Isa and Ana enjoy hiking, swimming, jogging and spending time with family and friends.

Michael Santos

writer, consultant and former inmate
“9,135 Days In Prison”
Michael Santos was arrested on August 11, 1987, when he was 23, for charges related to the distribution of cocaine. He was tried and convicted, then sentenced to 45 years. Credit for good behavior resulted in Michael’s release from prison on August 13, 2012, after 25 years, when he was 48.During the quarter century that Michael served, he pursued a deliberate path to reconcile with society for the bad decisions of a reckless adolescence. He focused on a three-part plan: Michael aspired to educate himself, to contribute to society, and to build a support network that would help him emerge as a law-abiding, contributing citizen.While incarcerated, Michael earned an undergraduate degree from Mercer University and a master’s degree from Hofstra University. He authored several books to help others understand prisons, the people they hold, and strategies for growing through adversity. He built a thriving support network that included a loving wife and sponsorship from leading citizens. Despite multiple decades in prison, Michael found strategies to contribute, to live a life of relevance, and to emerge with values, skills, and resources that translated into success after 9,135 days in prison. He works now to share those strategies with others, helping them to make the most effective use of time and to achieve optimal personal performance, regardless of external influences. He is a speaker, writer, and a consultant. In the fall, he will lecture at San Francisco State University on The Architecture of Imprisonment.

Cello Joe

beatboxing cellist & international bicycle-touring vagabond troubadour
“Cello Joe: Cello & Beatbox”
Joey Chang aka CelloJoe is an anomaly in the world of cellists.By combining cello with beatboxing, he has created a unique genre: Classical Hip Hop. CelloJoe records live on stage with a loop pedal and produces intricate tapestries of harmony, melody, and rhythm. His beatboxing (vocal percussion) and funky cello grooves form a rich soundscape for intelligent lyrics and his music spreads love, joy, laughter and conscious vibrations. By beatboxing, throatsinging, singing, plucking and bowing the cello, CelloJoe can mimic many styles of music from dubstep to folk to rock to classical to hip hop. CelloJoe is the world’s first long distance musical bike touring cellist. He has ridden his bike over 10,000 miles in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Australia

Sam Lessin

director of product, Facebook
“bending time: what happens when identity and technology mix”
Sam Lessin is a Director of Product at Facebook, where he heads the Identity Product Group, which leads work on Timeline, privacy, and other components of how people express themselves and their world. Sam joined Facebook in 2010. Prior to Facebook sam was the CEO of drop.io, a New York based cloud file-sharing company and was a consultant at Bain and Company. Sam attended Harvard College and graduated in 2005 with a degree in Social Studies.

Mort Grosser

venture investor, writer, and builder of airplanes
“The Time of Your Life”
Mort Grosser is a technology consultant and venture capital investor in Menlo Park, California.  He learned to fly at 16 in a J-3 Piper Cub.  He received two engineering degrees from M.I.T., a Ph.D. from Stanford University, and was a National Institutes of Health Postdoctoral Fellow at UCLA Medical Center. He has worked in Silicon Valley for 30 years and helped found and direct many technology companies.  He has written 8 books, 100 scientific and engineering papers, and has 13 patents issued or pending.  He is an Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.  In 1978 he was recruited by Dr. Paul MacCready to the team which won the two largest prizes in the history of aviation.  He helped build components of three human-powered airplanes, was a pilot of the Gossamer Albatross II, and wrote Gossamer Odyssey, the history of the Gossamer project. Mort won the Stegner Creative Writing Fellowship competition at Stanford and the Commonwealth Club medal for literature.  He has published fiction, non-fiction, and poetry in publications including The AtlanticHarper’s, and The New Yorker.

Red Hot Chachkas

New American Klezmer Band
“Klezmer Music – Tradition & Future”
Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, the Red Hot Chachkas create new American klezmer from Old World roots, with their original compositions, arrangements, and improvisations. Their contagious musical performances inspire and transform audiences. At concerts and dances, from Toronto’s Ashkenaz Festival to San Francisco’s Davies Symphony Hall, favorite clubs, theaters, galleries, community centers, schools, and Jewish congregations, as well as private parties and simchas ranging from orthodox to outlandish, their hot sound and uptempo beat has folks up dancing. Led by bandleader, dance leader, and classical violinist Julie Egger, the seasoned musicians draw on disparate influences and backgrounds, including soulful Barbara Speed (clarinet), balkanic Diana Strong (accordion), oldtimey Tony Phillips (mandolin), jazzy Breck Diebel (bass), and worldly Aharon Wheels Bolsta (drums). Their CD “Beats Without Borders” (2010) presents all new tunes composed by band members, and follows “Spice It Up!” (2007), and “Family Album” (2002).

Lisa Solomon

professor of design strategy, CCA
“Designing Time: Meaning, not Management”
Lisa Kay Solomon is the founder of Innovation Studio, and faculty member of the groundbreaking MBA in Design Strategy program at San Francisco’s California College of the Arts. Building on her background in experience design, scenario planning, and business strategy, Lisa is passionate about helping leaders think originally and expansively about the future, and their role in creating it. She has brought her “Innovation Tradecraft ” to executive teams in diverse organizations, such as Herman Miller Inc., Toyota Financial Services, Citrix, Stanford’s Media X, and the Kauffman Fellows Program. She also works with educators to bring innovation and discovery skills into primary education through teacher and student workshops. Lisa has lectured at such leading business schools as Stanford University, University of California Berkeley, Cornell University, and the University of Virginia. She has been published in Design Management Review, Businessweek.com, and on prominent blogs including Duarte Design and Watermark for Exceptional Women. She is the coauthor of the forthcoming book Moments of Impact: How to Design Strategic Conversations that Accelerate Change (Simon & Schuster, 2014) with Chris Ertel, which describes how to apply design principles to high-stakes, open ended strategic challenges. Lisa holds an MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business and a BA from Cornell University. She lives in Menlo Park with her husband and two daughters.

Chuck Darrah

anthropology department chair, co-founder of the Silicon Valley Cultures Project & the Human Aspirations and Design Laboratory (HADLab)
“I’m Busy–and It’s Not Just about Time”

Chuck Darrah is an applied anthropologist and chair of the Department of Anthropology at San Jose State University. His research focuses on work and workplaces, families, and technology. He co-founded the Silicon Valley Cultures Project and the Human Aspiration and Design Laboratory (HADLab), both at San Jose State University. Busier Than Ever! (with J. M. Freeman and J. A. English-Lueck) discusses busyness in American life. His research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the John and James Knight Foundation, and Kaiser Permanente.

Blaine Dehmlow

TechShop San Francisco
“Making Time for Making Time”
From his early days as a contributing writer to Paul Harvey News and Comments to strategic messaging and managing political campaigns, Blaine’s wide-ranging experience gives him a refreshing perspective. He is an avid motorsports enthusiast and a life long maker of things. Currently he serves as primary project consultant and coach at Techshop San Francisco where he is the general manager. He owns and operates a small Jaguar farm (rusty vintage British race cars) and resides with his wife and two teenage girls in Brentwood CA.

Kamran Elahian

venture capitalist, global entrepreneur & philanthropist
“(…in the nick of time…)”
Born in Tehran, Iran, in 1954, Kamran immigrated to the U.S. in 1972. He received his BS in computer science, BS in mathematics and ME in computer graphics from the University of Utah by the age of 22. In addition, Kamran studied Integrated Circuit (chip) design at Stanford University’s Honors Program while working as a design automation software engineer at Hewlett Packard (HP). As an entrepreneur, Kamran co-founded ten companies, three of them failed (e.g. Momenta), six of them produced a total market cap of over $8B (e.g. Cirrus Logic) and one has a potential for IPO next year. As a VC, Kamran co-founded Global Catalyst Partners with investments in the U.S., Japan, China, India and Israel. Underlying Kamran’s global vision is the conviction that modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) can be instrumental in dissolving barriers between the nations. This vision is reflected in Schools-Online, a nonprofit he co-founded in 1996 to connect the world, one school at a time (6400 schools in 36 countries were provided with computers and access to the Internet) and merged with Relief International in 2003; Global Catalyst Foundation, co-founded in 2000 to improve lives through the effective application of ICT, and UN-GAID, a United Nations global forum that promotes ICT in developing countries where Kamran served as Co-Chairman (2009-2011). Inspired by the radical revolutionary Che Guevara and the indomitable, peace-loving Mahatma Gandhi, Kamran has developed his own brand of philanthropy; one that makes the most of modern technological innovations, such as mobile communications and the Internet, to bridge the social and political differences among people.

Kelly McVicker

founder, McVicker Pickles
“Pickling & The Art of Time Travel”
Kelly McVicker is the owner and operator of McVicker Pickles, where she blends her Kansas roots with California flavors via small batch pickles, mustards, and jams. Coming from four generations of Kansas farmers, Kelly learned all about pickling and canning from her grandmas Margarett and Harriet. She left her ten-year career working in women’s human rights with a longing to get back to creating something she could touch, taste and feel. Before long she was haggling over boxes of cucumbers at the farmers market, and loving it. Her updated versions of old-school recipes won first place in three categories at the 2012 Eat Real Festival in Oakland. Kelly shares her passion for food preservation via pickling and mustard-making courses at Workshop and forageSF, and blogs about it all with her childhood best friend via The Can Can Girls. A lifelong entrepreneur and explorer, she has lived in Spain and Mexico and is the former owner of a boutique screen-printing company. Kelly holds a B.A. in International Comparative Studies from Duke University.

Jonathan Ly

fitness trainer, Body Mechanix
“Fitness & Making the Most of Your Time”
Jonathan Ly is a personal trainer living and working in San Francisco. He grew up as a chubby kid eating happy meals and drinking soda. As a teenager he noticed that one by one family members started developing diabetes. Eventually his grandmother died from the disease, and he knew he was on the same path if he did not change his habits. He has since spent his life learning as much as possible about health and fitness and sharing this knowledge with his clients and pretty much anyone that will listen. As his career progressed, he realized that even he was having issues finding time to work out. This put into perspective the real life problem his clients had of making fitness a part of their lives. The solution was not to necessarily try to create more time, but to make the most of the time that is already available.

Buff Giurlani

entrepreneur and founder of the unique classic car warehouse and winery Auto-Vino
“Cars & Wine – Getting Better Over Time”
Along with his business partner, Buff conceived the idea of starting a storage facility for both fine Automobiles and Wines and created AutoVino. AutoVino and Woodside Vineyards now share a common home at 205 Constitution Drive in Menlo Park. The idea of including a winery in the business model captured the imagination of Buff, Dick and Bob. It took a while to work out the details, but the new partners are motivated to take Woodside Vineyards to the next level.

Special Guests

Jamin Shoulet

massage therapist (and 3-D artist)

Jamin will be working his magic and giving out 5-min chair massages during breaks and lunch!